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Spirit Hoods

The following page contains information on how to best care for your Dirty Catz Spirit Hoods!

You will see this over and over in the following topics, but plain old water and a mild dish soap are pretty much your best friends for all my care methods!



Cleaning the Hood

The fur I use is 100% acrylic. Your Spirit Hood can be either hand washed in a sink or bathtub, or washed in your washing machine. If you do not have a good washing machine (ie, you're using a local laundromat) I would suggest hand washing at home, as those machines can be unpredictable and I personally don't trust them! When in doubt, hand washing is the safest route.

To hand wash your Hood, fill a sink or bucket or even your bath tub with cool to luke warm water. Avoid hot water! Add a small amount of laundry detergent to the water and agitate the water to distribute the detergent. Place your Hood in the water and squeeze it until it is saturated with water. Drizzle a bit more detergent over it and really work the detergent into the fur. Lather it up, swish the Hood around in the water to rinse most of the detergent out, then drain the water from wherever you are washing it in. Run the Hood under cool to luke warm running water to remove any leftover dirt from the bath water as well as any leftover soap. If the water from your Hood is still dirty looking, refill your sink, tub, etc and repeat the process. Once the water runs clear, you may refill the water one final time and add a little fabric softener to the water. Swish your clean Hood in the fabric softener water, squeezing the water into the fur. Rinse clean one final time, then wring the water out.

To machine wash your Hood, you will want to do so on a Delicate or Hand Wash setting. These use cool water and less agitation, and are gentler on faux fur items. These cycles are also shorter than other wash cycles. Use a small amount of laundry detergent and if you so choose, fabric softener. If you are washing a WHITE Hood with an ALL WHITE LINER, you can add a cap full of bleach to your machine and it'll help make it white again! If you are washing a COLORFUL Hood with a COLORFUL liner, and it is a bit dull, you can use a cap full of color safe bleach to help brighten any Hood that seem permanently dulled by dirt. 

To dry your Hood, please only ever let it air dry! Do not use a machine dryer or a hair dryer as these can produce high heats, and can melt your faux fur! You can hang it to dry using a pants hanger, or you can lay them flat on a towel to dry. Hanging Hoods will dry faster but will sometimes get a "crimp" in the ears where they are clipped to the hanger. Laid flat Hoods will not get this crimp, however they will dry slower and you will need to flip them over periodically so the other side can dry. Depending on the ambient temperature in your home, Hoods may take anywhere from 24-48 hours to fully dry so please be sure to plan accordingly!

Please do not attempt to brush the fur when it is wet, no matter how matted or scraggly it looks! When the fur is completely dry, you may use a brush or a comb to fluff the fur up again. It may look a little sad when wet and while drying but once fully dried and brushed, it will fluff up beautifully!

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Caring for the Paws
The paws are made either from iron on vinyl or from sewn on fabric. Both can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dirt. If they become marked, please Contact me so we can figure out the best course of action in regards to cleaning them up. If the paws are warped, cracked, or damaged, and need to be replaced, the entire liner must be replaced (this is not a free fix and you will be charged for this repair if it is required).

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Squeaker Add Ons
If your hood contains squeakers in the ears, please be sure to point the squeakers down whenever you are drying your hood after washing. This will help any remaining water drain out and prevent mold from forming!

If your squeakers break and need to be replaced, please let me know! This is a simple fix and there is no charge.

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